Thal Kedar
Category Religious

A pilgrim spot that is reached through a narrow pathway, the Thal Kedar is nestled at an elevation of 880…

Patal Bhuvneswar
Patal Bhuvaneshwar
Category Religious

Patal Bhubaneshwar, which literally means the sub-terranian shrine of Lord Shiva is a cave temple located about 91 kms. from…

Nakuleshwara Temple
Nakuleshwara Temple
Category Religious

Situated about 10 kms. from Pithoragarh is Nakuleshwara. Legends have it that the Nakuleshwara temple was built by Nakul and…

Dhwaj Temple
Category Adventure, Religious

Dhwaj temple is a very famous shrine that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Maa Jayanti and is about 10…