Before independence, during the middle of nineteenth century when Pithoragarh was part of district Almora, when there were four “Tehsils” and eleven “Parganas” in the district, there were only four middle schools in the district out of which two were in Pithoragarh. The first vernacular middle school was in Khetikhan and the second one was in Bajeti. In both of these middle schools, students came from remote areas for study. The living arrange- ment for poor students was done by local people.In distt. Pithoragarh, the first High School was opened in the year 1930 at Simalgair which was later named as ‘King George VI Coronation High School’. Later the school building was constructed by L.R. Sah firm, Almora at near ‘Ghursaal’.The first Principal of this High School was Shri Chanchala Ballabh Pant. For wide expansion of education the christean missioneries with the help of Miss A. Baran opened the first girls school at Bhatkot in 1871. In the year 1934 the school was upgraded as an anglo-vernacular school. At present there are 68 Intermediate colleges in the district out of which 7are for girls. Also there are 50 High Schools in the district out of which 5 are for girls. For primary education there are around 1031 government schools in the district. There are 4 degree colleges in the district.

In addition to this there are 5 I.T.I.s and 1Teachers Training Institute in the district. With the growing impact of I.T. (Information Technology in day- to-day life almost a dozen of Computer Centre or I.T. Centres have been opened in the town privately owned by different people. A few of IT centres which are located in the Pithoragarh town are NIIT, Hiltron, Aptech, Manipal University, UpHill Computers, Info.Park, Sri Calculation, Care Computer.

In Pithoragarh town main public schools are:

  1.  Wisdom Nursery and School
  2. Don Vosco
  3. Beer Shiba
  4.  Maharshi Vidya Mandir
  5. Central School
  6. Soar Valley Public School
  7. General B.C. Joshi Army Public School
  8. Vivekanand Vidya Mandir
  9. Asian Academy
  10. Mallikarjun Public School
  11. Stafford Public School
  12. Manas Academy
  13. Nikhileshwar Children Acadmy
  14. Northride public School