Chota Kailash

Adi-Kailash (Om Parvat)

om parwat

Adi Kailash is an ancient holy place in the Himalayan Range, similar to Mount Kailash in Tibet. This abode of Lord Shiva ina remote area is worth to have a Darshan. Trekking to Adi Kailash in the Himalayan ranges of Kumaun region near the Indo Tibetan Border in district Pithoragarh.

Upto Gunji the route is same. One walks 14 km, first to the left of Kuti and then to the right, to reach Jollingkong (4572 m). The river Kuti and its bridge will perhaps may be under a thick blanket of snow.

Dharchula   approx. 120 kms.

Altitude  4700 mtrs(15510 ft.)

Longitude   80 025′ East

Latitude   300 20′ North

Camps   Pangu,Sirkha,Gala,Budhi,

Track Name Distance (Kms.) Altitude (Mtrs)
Tawaghat-Pangu 9 2200
Pangu-Sosa-Sirkha 16 2560
Sirkha-Galagad 14 2440
Galagad-Budhi 18 2050
Budhi-Gunji 17 3220
Gunji-Kalapani 18 4246
(Om Parvat) Darshan Navidhang 18 3220
Kalapani-Gunji Gunji-Kutti 19 3600
Kutti-Jollingkong 14 4770
Jollingkong-Adi Kailash 4 4770
Jollingkong-Kutti 14 3600
Kutti-Gunji 19 3200
Gunji-Budhi 17 2680
Budhi-Galagad 18 2050
Galagad-Sirkha 14 2560
Sirkha-Tawaghat(Trek Ends) 17 1200
Tawaghat-Dharchula (by bus) 19 900
Darchula-Champawat (by bus) 210 1615
gunji kuti

Jonglingkong is called Chhota Kailas (6191 m) while its small but beautiful lake is called Parvati Tal. The reflection of the peak in the lake is really fascinating.There is a temple near the lake, which is sometimes visited by swan-like birds. A little distance from here are to be found the remains of a dry lake. Along the river Kuti are two passes – Lampia Dhura and Mangsa Dhura – leading to Tibet. The ITBP and SPF personnel will tell whether one can cross the Sinla pass to reach Bedang. If this is not possible one will have to return. If there is little or no snow, one should set out early in the morning to cross the pass. The route to Sinla pass is under a heavy blanket of snow. One can see the Chhota Kailas peak constantly from there.