Flora fauna

Although one does not find an abundance of flora and fauna in Pithoragarh but these are remarkable for their sheer variety. The biological diversity is very important in many aspects.

Bugyal : Passing along the route of Chhota Kailash, a lover of adventure moves into the enchanting world surrounded by the lush stretches of velvetty grass bugyals (alpine meadows) such as Chhiplakot and Vyans Valley.


Since the district possesses a great range of elevation there is a remarkable diversity in its natural vegetation.In addition climatic variations,particularly in temperature and precipitation associated with the alignment and altitudes of ranges and nature of valleys, determine the altitudinal growth and variety of vegetation. The northern hilly zone is covered with dense forests, particularly on northern slopes, with the diverse flora upto an elevation of about 14,000 ft.



The flora of this district may be classified into tropical, Himalayan sub-tropical and sub alpine and alpine vegetation.

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The alpine and sub-alpine zones which include Milam, Ralam, Garbyang, Martoli etc, are very rich in the medicinal herbs and are considered as the most natural abode of the largest number of medicinal plants.The sub-alpine zones are a natural sanctuary for Leopard, Chital, fleet little Monkeys,

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Langoor, Bear, Kakar or barking deer, Ghoral etc. Whereas the high altitude zones abound in Musk deer, popularly called Kastura, Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Thar etc.

4The entire zone is rich in a remarkable variety of birds possessing plumage of magnificent design and colours like Peacock, which include Grey Quail, Kala Titar, Whistling Thrush, Chakor, Monal Pheasant, Cheer Pheasant, Koklas Pheasant etc