Documents related to right to service,uttakhand andolankariyon ki soochi,district survey report,labour registeration,sankhiyiki patrika,government notifications and more appear here. Documents are uploaded here in PDF format and option is available to download them.

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Title Date Download/Link
EE TD RWD DIDIHAT 19/07/2018 Download(231 KB)
Statistical Handbook 2012 31/03/2013 Download(517 KB)
Statistical Handbook 2014 31/03/2015 Download(6 MB)
Statistical Handbook 2015 31/03/2016 Download(626 KB)
Socio-Economic Review 2015-16 31/03/2017 Download(1 MB)
Socio-Economic Review 2014-15 31/03/2016 Download(1 MB)
Socio-Economic Review 2013-14 31/03/2015 Download(1 MB)
Socio-Economic Review 2012-13 31/03/2014 Download(1 MB)
District at a Glance 2015-16 31/03/2017 Download(685 KB)
District at a Glance 2014-15 31/03/2016 Download(705 KB)