Peaks and Passes

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Peaks :

Reach Tawaghat along the Kailas – Mansarovar route. From here trek along the Dhauli E to reach Dugtu/ Dantu or along the Gori (along Jauljibi) to reach Madkot and then along the Mandakini or Mandkanya river upto the base camp. From these two points mountaineers can climb the Panchchuli peaks. Various peaks like Chaukhamba, Trishul, Nanda Devi, Nand Kot and Panchchuli can be clearly viewed from Chaukori which is 112 Km (via Gangolihat) and 75 Km (via Thal) from Pithoragarh.

Passes :


The area to the north beyond the main zone of Himalaya with a range of altitude between 5300 – 6500 meters, possesses the following well known passes :


In Gori Gunkha Valley – Belcha Dhura (5,384 m), Kungri Bhingri (5,564 m), Keo Dhura (5,439 m)

In Dhauli E Valley – Lwa Dhura (5,564 m)

In Kali Valley – Lipu Lekh (5,122 m)

In Kuti Valley – Lampiya Dhura (5,553 m), Nuwe Dhura (5,650 m)

From Bedang to Jolinkong – Sirla Pass

From Milan to Topidhura – Untadhura Pass

From Martoli -lwa to Khati – Traills Pass

From Munsyari to Sipu – Ralam Pass

From Sela to Kuti – Nama Pass

From Sipu to Milam – Kalganga Dhura

Within Panchchuli range – Athasi Balati