Tracking Routes

Milam Glacier :

Munsyari is the point from where the trek to Milam glacier commences :

From To Distance Accommodation
Munsyari (2290 m) Lilam 12 Km P.W.D. Rest House
Lilam (1810 m) Bagudiyar 13 Km —–
Bagudiyar (2450 m) Rilkote 12 Km —–
Rilkote (3350 m) Burfu 9 Km —–
Burfu (3450 m) Milam 8 Km P.W.D. Rest House
Milam (3500 m) Milam Glacier 5 Km
Total route 59 Km

Ralam Glacier

From To Distance
Munsyari Lilam Patan Gaon 15 Km
Patan Gaon Sophiya Udiyar 15 Km
Sophiya Udiyar Ralam 15 Km
Total Route 45 Km

ralam          milam

Namik Glacier

namikPithoragarh-Bala-Rugaru-Thalagwar-Ranthan via Chafua-Nandakund-Runadhar-Hiramani via Penthang-Namik. Total route 46 Kms approx.

Alternative route:

Munsyari to Gimighat to Gimla to Namik, Total route 43 Km approx.